A Victim of Good Times-The Full Catastrophe              2014          Produce, Engineer, Mix

Duffy’s Cut-s/t                     Oi the Boat Records             2014         Engineer, Mix, Master, Organ

Mason Porter-Home for the Harvest                                 2014         Engineer

Backwoods Payback-In the Ditch                                     2014         Engineer, Mix, Master

The Headies-Meta Pop     Square of Opposition Records   2013         Engineer, Mix

Vilebred-Skeleton Melodies                                                2013         Produce, Engineer, Mix

Georgie Bonds-Stepping Into Time                                    2013         Engineer, Mix

Martin-The Worst Part       Square of Opposition Records    2013         Engineer, Mix, Master

Crybaby/Adult Braces           Kind of Like Records            2013          Engineer, Mix, Master, Keyboards

Black Cowgirl                        Restricted Release Records    2013          Mix

Mean Streets-Rarities, Vol.1                                                2013          Engineer, Mix

Sundials-When I Couldn’t Breathe    Asian Man Records       2012          Engineer, Mix

Everyone Everywhere-s/t 2  Everyone Everywhere Records  2012         Engineer, Mix

Spraynard-Exton Square           Asian Man Records                2012         Engineer, Mix, Master, Organ

Spraynard-To Mitch                     Yo Yo Records                    2012          Engineer, Mix, Master

Ape-1991                              Transient Housing Records        2012          Engineer, Mix, Master

Spraynard-Funtitled                 Asian Man Records                 2011           Engineer, Mix, Master

Sisters 3-Corusgate at the Meadow Gate   Modern Vintage     2011          Engineer, Mix, Drums

Mason Porter-Story of the Rifle                                               2011          Engineer

Everyone Everywhere-s/t                        Tiny Engines           2010          Producer,Engineer, Mix

Everyone Everywhere/Into it Over it    Top Shelf Records   2010          Engineer, Mix

Vilebred-Lusty Dusty Kamikaze                                                2009          Produce, Engineer, Mix

The Boils-Hockey Anthems                    TKO Records              2007          Engineer, Mix, Drums

The Boils-From the Bleachers                 TKO Records              2005          Engineer, Mix, Drums, Organ

Kill Your Idols-Funeral for A Feeling       SideOneDummy        2001           Engineer, Mix

Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols           Jade Tree                  2001           Engineer, Mix

Kill Your Idols-No Gimmicks Needed     Blackout! Records      2000           Engineer, Mix

The Casualties-Die Hards            SideOneDummy Records      2001           Engineer, Mix

The Casualties-Stay Out of Order         Punkcore Records        2000           Engineer, Mix

Mile Marker-Non Plus Ultra                   Parology                       1998             Mix

Partial Client List

Bam Margera/Fuckface Unstoppable

Julie Hall

Bernie Bernie Headflap

The Bridge Band

Count Von Count

Creep Records

Hoots and Hellmouth

Mischief Brew

The Porkroll Project


Thee Nosebleeds

This Temper

Tit Patrol

Plow United

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