Noisy Little Critter Recording and Music Camp for Girls


Noisy Little Critter’s Recording and Music Camp is designed to encourage and inspire creativity in music and recording technology for girls. Only 5% of the audio industry is made up of women.

We feel strongly about introducing girls to this profession at a young age with the hope of sparking an interest in music technology and ultimately helping to balance the gender gap in the industry.
Students will learn about basic recording skills, microphones, cables, Digital Audio Workstations, analog synthesis, and be able to sing, play and experiment with a wide variety of musical instruments in a professional recording studio environment through an age appropriate curriculum.

Each day will have a special concentration, resulting in a song at the end of the week that the students will have performed and recorded.

Students, ages 7-11, will learn how to do basic vocal and instrumental recording at home. We will also have breaks throughout the day with fun indoor and outdoor activities. Participants should bring a snack, lunch and drink.


Recording camp will be June 11th -15th, 9:00am-2:00pm, Monday- Friday (if the first session fills, we will consider adding a second)
$275 for 5 days

Registration is limited to 15 students ages 7-11 and will be admitted first come first accepted.


Matt Rayhill

I’m so sad to say that a friend of mine, Matt Rayhill, died on January 5, 2011 from brain cancer.  Matt was an incredibly talented musician, singer and songwriter.  I am honored to have been able to work with him creatively, and am proud to have been able to call him a friend.  He will be greatly missed.

Matt and his wife Nancy played at the first show I ever put on at my studio.  It was a pretty raucous night, but I remember when Matt played he silenced the audience.  He had a powerful voice and wrote simple, but beautiful songs.  I recorded the show that night, but never had listened to it.  When I heard he was sick, I was going to mix it down and give it to him as a gift, but I never got the chance.  I’ve posted Matt’s whole set that can be downloaded for free at  My favorite songs are Coffee and Somebody Loves You.  Please check it out and pass it on to others.

Here’s the link:

The Watson Twins

They asked for a close up, I think it was to keep out the creepy dude in the other pic.

I was lucky last week to be able to open for, meet and hang out with the lovely Watson Twins, Leigh and Chandra. They are best known for the record they did with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, Rabbit Fur Coat, but their own records are just as strong. They are out promoting their newest release “Talking to You , Talking to Me”. This record has some of the same country-esce ballads, but they add a new flavor, which to me sounds something like Sade mixed with Portishead. In any case, they’re awesome!

I couldn't look happpier

A quick word about mopping

I know that my intention was to make this a blog about recording, but there are some things that I think are important and cannot be overlooked. One such thing is proper mopping technique. So many people waste their time, sloshing the same old dirty mop and water across their floors. It may LOOK clean, but in reality, you are just spreading out the dirt.
There are a couple of key elements to proper mopping technique:

Floor cleaner/soap-I like Mr. Clean as it smells good and leaves no residue. Good old Murphys Oil is okay for hardwood, but will leave some residue.

A good mop. Throw out your old rope mop. You clean the floor that you track all kind of disgusting things across, then hang it up, wet and nasty. It is a haven for germs, dirt, disease and viruses. Sponge mops with replaceable ends are okay, but the best is the chamois mop style. It is replaceable, easily cleans up, and the chamois material dries quickly and doesn’t hold as much crud and dirt.

Use either 2 buckets of water. A dual tub sink works also. One bucket gets water with soap, the other bucket gets hot water that will be used only for rinsing out the dirty mop. This way, you are keeping the mop as clean as possible, and mainly putting clean water onto your floor.

This technique will give you cleaner floors, and your mops will last longer.

This is my new 28″ bass drum.

I put it front of a normal bass drum with a mic on both.  I got the idea from seeing the dw woofer drums they sell for way too much money.  I got that drum for $100.  It sounds as big as it looks.  I’ve actually started incorporating it into my live setup that I use with the Sisters 3.  This was tracking for This Temper.  ( Crazy music, check them out!

Recording Hot Air

Sam and Will from Vilebred, eating the recorded popcorn.

We were recording a hot air pop corn popper for the end of the new Vilebred song, “howdy don’t”. This song is probably my new favorite and as usual it has a huge ending!  I used a groove tubes md1a tube mic to capture the pop corn.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to sound, since the popper made a lot of noise itself, but most of the air sound is masked by the music, all you really hear is the pop corn popping!