A quick word about mopping

I know that my intention was to make this a blog about recording, but there are some things that I think are important and cannot be overlooked. One such thing is proper mopping technique. So many people waste their time, sloshing the same old dirty mop and water across their floors. It may LOOK clean, but in reality, you are just spreading out the dirt.
There are a couple of key elements to proper mopping technique:

Floor cleaner/soap-I like Mr. Clean as it smells good and leaves no residue. Good old Murphys Oil is okay for hardwood, but will leave some residue.

A good mop. Throw out your old rope mop. You clean the floor that you track all kind of disgusting things across, then hang it up, wet and nasty. It is a haven for germs, dirt, disease and viruses. Sponge mops with replaceable ends are okay, but the best is the chamois mop style. It is replaceable, easily cleans up, and the chamois material dries quickly and doesn’t hold as much crud and dirt.

Use either 2 buckets of water. A dual tub sink works also. One bucket gets water with soap, the other bucket gets hot water that will be used only for rinsing out the dirty mop. This way, you are keeping the mop as clean as possible, and mainly putting clean water onto your floor.

This technique will give you cleaner floors, and your mops will last longer.


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